Meet Our Team

Dr. Theresa Peter, DC, MS, CFMP, Owner, and Director

Hi, I’m Dr. Theresa and want you to know it is my life’s purpose to help others understand where, how, and why their body is not behaving the way it should and to provide appropriate, effective natural compounds such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, neurotransmitters, bio-identical hormones, chelators, binders, phytonutrients, and other possibilities depending on what is found in the research to get your cellular physiology and energy working to heal and repair instead of destroying and degenerating.

I use a functional medicine approach to determine the root cause and coexisting medical disruptions in order to create a doable, comprehensive, results-driven treatment plan. My previous career as a Research Scientist at a pharmaceutical company, solving my own significant health challenges through tedious reading, research, and natural means, then obtaining my Doctor of Chiropractic degree with a focus on functional medicine, drives me to enlighten others. Together we will form a strong team to make effective choices and changes to reach your personal, optimal, health goals. I look forward to helping you create your most balanced, internally healthy life possible!

Audrey Peter


Audrey Peter is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at Central Michigan University with graduation in May 2022. She has a passion for natural health and understanding how the body works in order to determine the best way to heal something. Audrey was very athletic in her youth with a focus on competitive tumbling and trampoline and holds many 1st Place State and several 1st Place National titles. She is no stranger to stress, injuries, and coming out stronger from using nutrition and supplements to regain her strength and health. She often helps in the office physically and remotely to learn and support our patients when she can.

Audrey is a people person and truly enjoys helping others. Her future plans are to become a Doctor to help people achieve their best health completely and naturally.

Beth Zettle

Patient Coordinator

Beth grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and is a certified country girl. Beth has always enjoyed being out in nature and recouping the benefits Mother Nature has to offer. She has raised two beautiful children and is currently enjoying the freedom to discover her true self.

Beth graduated from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in 2011 and uses her certification as a holistic health coach. She enjoys helping people find true happiness through a healthy body. She recently finished her 200 RYT yoga teacher training through Holy Yoga and has started teaching classes through her local church. She’s excited to join Dr. Theresa Peter’s team as a patient coordinator and looks forward to learning more about the benefits of functional medicine to obtain optimal health.

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